Metsovo - Ioannina


Μetsovo - Ioannina
Zagori villages
2 day,  65

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Visit Metsovo – Ioannina – Zagoroxoria !
Special 2-day trip offer : 65€
(*Inc. accommodation and breakfast at the Asteri Metsovo Hotel, located 250 m from the central square of Metsovo village, Asteri Metsovou offers traditional accommodation with stunning views of Pindos Mountains!).
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Trip Overview
Day 1:
The time of our departure will be early in the morning and after an intermediate stop, we will arrive at the picturesque city of Ioannina (often called Yannena within Greece). During your free time, you will have the opportunity to walk by the lake and to explore this beautiful city wandering through the paved streets as well as the beautiful fortified old town (that is the area's historic landmark and the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece). Furthermore, you can visit the little idyllic island, where you can find the Ali Pasha Museum/House. Make sure to leave some time in your afternoon itinerary to taste the famous local flavours of Epirus cuisine! Our next destination will be Metsovo. Built amphitheatrically on the lush slopes of Pindos above the Metsovo River, there is no doubt that the Vlach headland has left its mark on the travel map of mountainous Greece! Upon arrival at our hotel, you will have plenty of time to explore and enjoy the wonders of this gem of a place!
Day 2: A
fter having breakfast, we will depart for the beautiful region of Central Zagori, known for its beautiful rivers, picturesque villages and breath-taking views of nature. We will have the opportunity to cross its famous stone-built bridges and of course, take some amazing pictures! Later, we will continue our journey towards the exquisite route through the Stone Forest that leads to the well-known Oxia viewpoint. There, on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi, lies the Vikos Gorge, with a length of about 20 km, depth ranging from 120 to 490 m, and a width ranging from 400 m to only a few meters at its narrowest part. Vikos is listed as the world's "deepest relative to its width" gorge by the Guinness Book of Records! Then, we will continue our journey to Monodendri, which is built at a height of 1,060m and retains much of the traditional stone-built architecture! If you wish, you can also visit the Monastery of Saint Paraskevi, an abandoned monastery situated on the edge of Vikos Gorge. The monastery founded at 1413–1414, consists of a small stone-built chapel, the oldest preserved in Zagori, and offers panoramic views to the gorge! In the afternoon, we will be on the way back to our city, where we will arrive late in the evening.