Mythical Peloponnesus!



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Visit Historical Nafplio, Hydra,Spetses, Monemvasia,Mani!

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Trip Overview
Day 1: Nafplio!
 We will depart in the morning from Omonia (Hondos Center) for the romantic town Nafplio, the first capital of the Greek state with its many historical and archeological monuments. One of the most beautiful sites of the Argolic land and the whole Greece, the town of Nafplio was built according to mythology by Nafplio, the son of Poseidon and Danaida Animoni. Its cultural chain dates back to prehistoric times . The city participated in the Argonaut Campaign and the Trojan War . It declined in Roman times and recovered in Byzantium · Franks, Venetians and Turks left their mark on the city. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments, statues, Ottoman fountains, Venetian and neoclassical buildings - all of them are charming historical and architectural jewels - give the visitor a grand welcome. Have a look at the amazing Palamidi with the panoramic view, Bourtzi, Syntagma square, walk to Akronafplia and wander in the narrow alleys.Overnihgt.
Day 2:Hydra and Spetses!
After breakfast we will go to the islands of Hydra and Spetses! Initially in Hydra, the beautiful, picturesque island of the Saronic Gulf. In Hydra we will have enough free time, about 3 hours, for a walk, optional meal. The city looks like a painting in gray, white and blue over the blue sea, a model of architecture and aesthetics. It is located in the center of the island and is built amphitheatrically on the rocky slope, around the port, creating a unique harmony between architecture and environment. Next visit to the island of Bouboulina in Spetses. In Spetses we will have 2 hours of free time for a walk, optional lunch and of course, swimming on the beaches of the island. Here History meets nature and tradition. The amazing combination of pine and sea, creates unique images of natural beauty. Lacy beaches with blond sand, sparkling pebbles and crystal clear sapphire waters, offer the visitor moments of peace and carefreeness. At the same time it retains features that remain unchanged over time.The mansions of the captains of the last century with their peculiar architecture, the picturesque post-Byzantine churches, the historical museums, the streets with the pebble of Spetses, the famous carnagia and the picturesque carriages, are traditional elements that manage to move the visitors. Return to the picturesque Nafplio. Overnight.

Day 3:Monemvasia - Elafonisos! After breakfast departure for the exotic Elafonisos and stay for a swim in the stunning beach of Simos. The beach of Simos is one of the main reasons to cross the laconic land with the final destination being the small, charming island at the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese. It is an exotic strip of land with turquoise waters, white dunes and   cedars.Departure in the afternoon for Monemvasia, the beautiful, seaside town, the "stone boat" of Giannis Ritsos. Arriving there, the unique image of the rock of Monemvasia appears. Free time to explore the streets of the old town and the castle, where we will admire the mansions, the arches, the Venetian coats of arms, the Byzantine churches, with the most important of the Towing Christ and St. Wisdom. The houses with balconies by the sea, among which, the house of Giannis Ritsos, compose a unique image. In the evening, transfer to our hotel. Overnight.


 Day 4: Mani!Gythio - Areopoli - Limeni   


- Transportations and mini tours with air-conditioned bus.
- 2 overnights including breakfast in Nafplio and 1  in Neapoli.
- Experienced tour leader.  
- VAT.

Not included:

- Boat tickets for Hydra and Spetses 20 €.Tickets for Elafonisos 6 €.

- Whatever is mentioned as optional or suggested.
- Room tax 3€.